Today I bought a treadmill


Well, I actually bought it yesterday with seven thousand of my hard earned rond! John set it up for me, I put on my new tracksuit pants excercise gear, I bought from Woolies and then I proceeded to click, click, click until I found the correct speed. I think I lasted 1 and a half minutes before collapsing onto my bed. I must admit I carried on for another twenty minutes and 350mls of water later.

I suffer from obesity. Severe obesity. Not fat girl driving through Macdonalds for 10 burgers, 20 fries and 5 double thick shakes and appearing on Oprah kinda obese, more like obese from two kids, too many slabs o choc, another slice of cake and can I please have R20 biltong with lotsa fat on it! That kind of a porky, ten ton pentecnikon. I grew up in a family of three girls and we have lots of names for being fat. “thunder thighs” “ten ton tessie””ten ton pentecnikon”” beached whale””walrus” too name a few.

My sisters are both weight aware and maintain their weight very well. I on the other hand have a ‘live life and sort it out later” kind of attitude. Unfortunately I’m almost 40 (in a few years time) and it’s arrived. The day of reckoning. Now or never. I have a wedding come up in January and I want to be 20 kgs thinner.

I want to wear a strapless, Sarah Jessica Parker dress. Strapless, tight around the waist and flared out skirt below the knee. I’m seeing this dress in my mind and I want it!

So, today I started excercise regime 198 786 567, 56. That’s how many I’ve started in my life by the way. Today I remain positive and feel pleased I got my fat ass on that treadmill instead of baking the Chocolate Coconut Clusters I planned to bake. I’d already found the recipe in YOU Let’s Cook Top 500 Recipes by Carmen Niehaus. 1 for me and ZERO Coconut Clusters. Who’s your mamma! I’m the winner! hee hee!

see you later bitches…




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