Did I tell you about the time…


Did I tell you about the time I had my bust measured? My mom calls them bosoms, maramachunga’s.(say ma-ra-mu-chung-ga-s). I walked into the little cubicle a sheepish 44 DD. That size is bad enough…..until….she announced my…… “it”. I say announce because I think residents and shoppers alike might have heard the woman 3 suburbs away. In fact it echo-ed and resonated throughout the shopping centre: “EEEEEEEEE….EEEEEEEEE.EEEEEEEEEEEE!” Yes, a mortifying 44E! I mean who has boobs that size? (Clearly me…)

It took me a cool half hour of shell shocked embaressment to come to my senses. It is now 44E….. E for ecstasy! That’s what I tell anyone if they may ask, per chance, one fine evening or one fine summers day.


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