You know the rule…


You know the rule that states very clearly that:”If no-one sees you eat it, it doesn’t count”. Well at the moment I’m on Weigh Less so am feeling very motivated and full of gees. I had to use a LOT of self discipline this morning not to eat the Death by Chocolate cake.

I went for coffee at the local coffee shop and was VERY tempted.  I would like to be the girl that delicately pushes her plate away, cocks her head to one side and says with a smile: “oooooh no, I couldn’t possibly have anymore.”. Well the truth of the matter is, I could. I could have a slice of cake with Cherry at 10am, then Sam at 11-30am and then rush to friends for lunch and polish a plate of pudding with ease.

My sweet tooth will probably be the death of me. In fact I can tell the differnce between Cadbury’s in the U.K and Cadbury’s here in South Africa. I worked in the UK in 2000 and found I preferred Cadbury’s from back home. I don’t know why? However, must just say, that the 500g slabs in the UK were superior to the 100g slabs here! I wonder why?

My sisters and I all love sweet things. Christmas lunch revolves around the decor and pudding. We say pudding in our family, not dessert! Anyone caught saying dessert will render the whole lounge into guffaws of laughter and side splitting shrieks of mocking giggles. “Whose trying to be all larny?” one would be asked through snorts from the nose. Straight down the line, unpretentious lot that they are.

All this talk of chocolate is making me salivate. Must go and drink some more water.





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