Have you ever felt thin?


Have you ever felt thin and then something happens and that feeling disappears? That happened to me on Saturday. I played tennis and we went to the club for drinks afterwards.

The thing that happened…….I sat on a bar stool. Flattened thunder thighs, all the weight resting around my midriff and all I could think of was an apple balancing on a toothpick!

Also the time I wore a red top with teeny white polka dots on it. I twirled around feeling good but slightly doubtful. My husband said I looked like a burst Russian sausage!

mmmmmh…. There was no sizzle in the pan for a GOOD few days after that!


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  1. An ex-boyfriend once told me after looking at my bra cutting into the dreaded back fat, that I looked like a pork roast, all tied up, with fat bulging out – meaner!

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