The First Summers Evening……


Last night was the first summers evening that warranted Summer Wear. We live in an area where Winter is cold and Summer is hot. NO mild temperature here!

The First Summers Evening (F.S.E), always evokes a little a frisson of fear and disapointment in myself. Like, why didn’t I stick to that diet? I should have plucked those stray hairs off my chin and why oh why was I too lazy to shave my legs and ‘pits? Frustrating stuff…

Last night was NO different. I was surrounded by pedicured feet  painted in  Lincoln park after dark, black/ blue nailpolish, some in pretty pinks etc. Mine were okay, average if you will. While putting on my sandals on Saturday I saw chipped nailpolish on my toes and did a quick patch up job by painting a bright coral over the toenails. (Yes, I’m hanging my head in shame…)

I tried to cover my white upper arms with as long a sleeve as possible. Just long/short enough not to produce small beads of perspiration on my top lip from overheating. The result was…….sigh sigh sigh. Okay. Not great. just okay.

Well, it’s done now. I’ve exposed this pale hairy apparition to the people. Let me be off and try and do some damage control….


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