The farmer found his wife…


So last night I started the most hectic sinus attack. I haven’t been sick in ages so it was a real blow to my system. Horrible nasal drip that kept me awake the whole night and I eventually woke this morning feeling even worse. Had to cancel Sunday School, stork tea and a few other commitments.

Have slept most of the day and am almost feeling better. Did a little work this afternoon.

Caught up on taped favourites on the PVR. That Graham Norton is incorrigible. One can’t help laughing at how he mocks people.

OOOOOh goodie….Boer soek “n vrou has started up again. Brings back memories of when John and I started going out and he used to take me for drives on the farm, dose the sheep, dip cows, fix bridges down at the river etc. My job was to count the sheep with a counter. I used to perve John in his khaki shorts and his shirt was usually splattered with mud. Very Hot! My own Camel Man…………now I seriously have the giggles at this memory……


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