The boom-gate conversation…


A friend and I were talking just now. I was telling her about my husband’s mantra: “If everyone’s irritating you….then you’re the common denominator and YOU are the one with the problem.!” wise words from a farmer.

 (Farmer’s are IRRITATINGLY logical). I’ll be glorifying in something complicated, sighing exquisitely, pulling my hair out at the complicated scenario before my very eyes and he’ll step in and solve everything with logic and pure common sense… so annoying you know? 

Anyway, I digress, back to my conversation at the boom gate pick up. We have a school lift club from the boom gate. I affectionately call us the Boom-Gate Bitches. Not, because we’re bitches. We’re not. Simply because we meet at the Boom-Gate and it forms the most delicious alliteration. It also conjures up an image of naughty women, instead of busy farmers’ wives. (I’m not saying I like to  role play, and I’m not saying I don’t, I’m just saying.)

So there we were having this conversation about a specific, certain someone. She doesn’t bother me, but she bothers X.

 That’s where things get hectic in a farming community, you’re thrown into a mix of people you may never under different circumstances have socialized with. And you’re forced to get on. For the most part you do. Most of us are nice. You do get the odd personality clash. Just like anywhere else. At work. At play etc. In this case I put it down to a personality clash. X realises this though.

So my point of this blog is, after much digressing, if everyone’s annoying you; STOP and have a quick think. You may need to step back and review the situation. It may be time for a break.

later bitches….



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  1. I can’t tell you how often I’ve had a massive rant, even written a blog post about people who annoy me, and then, in the cold light of day, look at it again, and realise, it is me that has the problem, not the other person, delete the post before I publish it, apologise in my brain for the bad thoughts (I seldom confront people) and feel much better, albeit a little sheepish.

  2. It’s so easy to air ones laundry in public. satisfying even. but we have to try not to I guess. I also seldom confront people. That’s good though. Less said soonest mended and all that.

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