Never a dull moment in this house….


So my husbands gone to a sheep day with some fellow farmers about 2 and a half hours drive away. I’m weighing tomorrow, so this means less schlepp about food if he isn’t here and I can eat what I like. He’s pretty damn good about eating whatever is put in front of him, but if it’s just me then I can eat provita’s etc. No fuss with vegies. The kids can have maccers and cheese.

Am still sick and felt so tearful yesterday. Even got emotional in Private Practise and Brothers and Sisters. That Nora and Brody! Just get it on already.

Yesterday I planned what to write in today’s blog. It was witty, amusing and clever. Well I’ll be damned if I can remember what it was.

I have a textbook  cold. It’s a head cold. Blocks and filters whining, nagging and moaning. I can hear my kids somewhere in the crevices of my brain, echoing in the left side of  the farm-house. I swear I can even hear music playing softly. Sway sway sway. Then I hear it …and now I don’t.

The tooth mouse visited here last night and dropped off 2o South African Rond for Aidan’s tooth. Such a sweet boy. He placed the tooth in his slipper (that he refuses to wear), filled an egg cup with water for the mouse and sprinkled raisins on the floor. Guess who tossed the water and shoveled the raisins in her mouth? ……………….yes, correct! You win first prize.

Yesterday’s highlight  was Molly bringing me a little flower she painted at school. She painted it all herself. Aunty B says she’s gripping the paintbrush with better control now and loves painting. I made a big fuss of her although I can’t be sure she understood. She gave me a beautiful smile.

Going back to the slipper that Aidan refuses to wear. He only started wearing shoes this year really. He’s owned lots of pairs of shoes but would never wear them. I don’t fuss, they’re his feet. If he wants to look like a tinker in town that’s his problem. I swear I used to avert my gaze and walk a little faster and a few paces in front. His feet are a magnet for thorns. We mine for thorns about every two weeks. Thank goodness for Germoline and plasters.

Even though the farmer isn’t here today, I still have paperwork to do and chores to complete. Never a dull moment in this house…


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