Boarding school blues………


Last night we went to a function that  promoted one of our local schools. It really is an excellent school with a dedicated Old Boys Union. The problem is that Farmer and I are convinced with every school that has a promotional evening. We sit there rubbing our hands in delight, oooh and aaaaah over the sporting facilities and so forth and so forth.

Choosing a school is easy. Choosing the right school is complicated. We started a little private cottage school for our kids last year. It has its sell by date, so we need to start looking around for the future. I like All Boys schools for boys. There’s a different discipline there. Boys need a firm hand and all that. I’m also looking at a traditional school and easy location. If we send him to this school it will be Boarding School from Grade 2. I’ve always known that my kids will have to go to Boarding School. I went and so don’t have an issue with it. In fact when I was in Boarding School we only saw our parents twice a term. These days the kids come home every weekend.  Anyway we have another year left to decide.

Going back to the previous paragraph about me not having an issue with Boarding School. I do. It’s just that I don’t have a choice. The distances are too great to have to travel back and forth twice daily.

On the upside, they had the most amazing cheese board last night.  Such a tasty variety. I had a ball there!

Schooling is such a personal choice for every family. What might be convenient for one family may not work with another.


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