It’s jolting sometimes…


Today I realised my child was cerebral palsy. I mean I’ve known for years but I forget you see. To us she’s just Molly. Full of stubbornness and giggles. It’s only when I’m around other people that I realise that she’s CP. It’s quiet jolting sometimes.

We don’t know any better. And we adore her. She’s hard work. She doesn’t speak but she commuicates very well. With sounds and gestures. It’s only when I see her through someone else’s eyes that I see her oral movements and gesticulating arms and hands.

It’s not painful to us anymore. Sometimes other people make us feel uncomfortable. For the most part we living in the most awesome community that adores her. I love this place for that. They’ll have my loyalty forever.  You’ll just get the odd day when someone speaks in a bright voice asking you about something and you know… you know they feel uncomfortable. And that’s okay. It’s not a perfect world.

We see our child and she’s perfect. Perfection does come in many different forms.


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