Saturday night sex toys and tips….uhhhhh excuse the pun….


Saturday night had a group of us girls chatting about sex toys. Now I know you may be raising you eyebrows a tad as I sometimes help out with teaching Sunday School. But I was an active listener in the conversation not really a participator. Doesn’t matter if I was anyway…Why is our age-group(29 to 40 years) so obsessed with sex toys?

To be very honest I am bloody inquisitive about them and would love to browse unhibitedly through a sex shop out of sheer curiosity. With my luck however, I would probably encounter half our Farmer’s Association members and their pearl and twin-set wives driving passed with their mouths open. Oh the shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps I’m sharing a little too much? But at this stage in my life there has never been a call for ….um…added accessories. But to see the looks of wild abandoned joy, in the eyes of the girls whilst talking about sexual apparatus , did spark ….a teeny, weeny bit of curiosity in me.

What do you think about this subject? Do you have the courage to add anything?


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