The joys of living on a farm….


So the little Hansie lamb is getting big now and growing everyday. She gets to drink a special lamb formula that we buy from our local agricultural co-op.

I grew up on a farm and so sometimes take life for granted here. My little chap asked me this week why the “Wild Horse” has gone to our neighbours? Molly’s horse Stardust has got a companion horse that is rather wild and bedondered. The “Wild Thing” has gone a walkabout as there are some mares in season next door. Good riddance I say, but never mind. I  told him that he went visiting. “Oh” replies the 6 year old, “has he gone to mate with the other horses to make some babies?”. I was a little taken aback I must be honest. But really, we do live on a farm that lambs down twice a year and calving is a common occurence too! Did I seriously think think Aidan wouldn’t notice? I was impressed with his matter of fact outlook on it all.

A friend came for tea on Thursday for my birthday. In the space of a few minutes, Lamb wee-ed and pooed bok drolls all over my kitchen floor and while sipping tea in the lounge I heard a subtle squawk and had to shoo two silky cocks and hens out from behind the curtain. Sigh…… You must understand that this ONLY happens when there are visiting witnesses.  K and I collapsed with laughter. She’s also a fellow farmers’ wife. (I’ve also just re-carpeted and hung new curtains!)

The joys of living on a farm….


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