A midsummer daydream……


Now, at the moment I’m feeling odd. Am exhausted due to late night hunting and VERY early morning rising to continue the hunting. The farmer doesn’t believe in doing things quietly and efficiently. I’m a light sleeper and wake up so quickly. So  now I’m bloody grumpy. Feel like I’ve emerged from the twilight zone. Tough luck for me. Work still goes on. Need to catch up on framing. The work is piling in and I don’t like getting behind. That’s always a nightmare.

Have to be chirpy and enthusiastic for the kids, staff and anyone else I may see. BUT, all I want is to be book myself in some where calm and quiet. Like at the sea. Yes, somewhere with a seaview and the sun baking me as I lie in a hammock listening to jazz or blues or reggae or french-type music or light opera. Music that transports me and feeds my soul. There must be no-one around and I must feel safe. I must only have sashimi, smoked salmon, or medium rare steak to eat. With nice fresh vegies or rocket salads I’ve picked from the garden. Someone must come in early and clean up and set the table for breakfast with magnificent fruit platters, FRESHLY squeezed orange juice and warm croissants with real salted butter. I’ll catch up on my sleep on and off the whole day, swim and stretch out on the hammock with a delicious cocktail.

Now that’s bliss and worth dreaming about…..


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