change of scenery………..


This year I hired some office space for my framing showroom in a local dorpie. Molls goes to school there twice a week and it’s too far to do two round trips in one morning. I would also go dilly sitting around doing nothing, so hence the opportunity arose to entertain myself whilst working. I must just tell you that I really enjoy what I do…..sometimes. Like any career choice, job, project etc, it has its pain in the ass moments. Like when someone doesn’t want to spend money on a better frame when it only costs a couple of rands more. Although I must say….that I’d rather have something framed then lying curling up in a drawer someplace gathering dust.

At the moment we’re sanding floors in the office. It’s just dust and years and years of gross smells from the carpet getting fluffed about. I work with two amazing women. Both with very interesting lives and histories and both have integrity and great stories to tell. They work in the two front offices in the Estate Agency. We drink coffee together most mornings and then we all go our merry way to do our work. Our ages all span 15 years apart. That’s the beauty of a small town. One socialises with all ages.

So on a Monday and Wednesday morning I drag both my kids out of bed. Dress them, feed them etc. Drop one off nearby and then drive 50kms to the nearest town for work and school. It took some getting used to I tell you. I was a complete lady of leisure last year.

I enjoy the different town, different conversation and change of scenery….


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