Goldilocks and her two bears…


Have just come in from the office. The owner is doing a bit of a revamp there. It looks like a pigsty. I lingered a bit and then took the first opportunity to duck. If I don’t need to work in a mess then I won’t. I abhor disorder. So now I’m sitting at home, both kids at school, husband farming. It’s quiet and calm, and it’s unnerving not to have any kids around. I have  a million things I need to do and two places to be at once.

This afternoon I’m tackling Aidan’s bear suit for Goldilocks and the three bears. He’s Pappa Bear and the first show is on Wednesday. The other mothers are in earnest preparation. There’s a determined gleam in some of their eyes. Mothers are a whole other topic. I could write pages and pages of amusing anecdotes. But I’ll restrain myself as this is a blog and I know I’ll exaggerate a few stories to appear amusing. That’ll be like sticking my hand and arm into a hornets nest. Seriously….who would be so stupid?



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