Worth my weight in bold……


The other day we were chatting. I asked the thinner girls what they weighed? Their faces expressed absolute shock and horror at revealing their weight. I must admit I was shocked, I thought thin girls hung around and bandied about their weight ad nauseam. I though it was common knowledge and thin girls discussed it quiet openly.

When I’m thin one day I’m going to be open about my weight. In fact my conversations are going to go like this:

“Do you want a cup of coffee?”

“54kgs” I’ll reply

‘No, I asked if you wanted coffee?” sigh of exasperation!

” Did you watch Desperate Housewives last night?”


“No, I asked if you watched Desperate Housewives last night” ill-disguised irritation!

“My ranunculus’ and Agapanthus’ are flowering beautifully this season. Have your roses started showing yet?”

“54kg’s” I’ll reply.

“tsk” spat out through tightly clenched teeth!



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