the silver lining….


Yesterday I had a terribly claustrophobic day. John and Aidan went to the city for the day and I sat with Molls on the farm waiting for a delivery(that never turned up…more about that later!)  Molly started brewing a little bit “o something” yesterday. Will take her to the doctor this morning. The sky was overcast and seemed to close in on me.

It’s a horrible feeling to feel claustrophobic on a farm. You feel a little bit helpless. The worst part was I couldn’t go anywhere for tea because of my sick little monkey.

The delivery that never turned up was like an itch I couldn’t scratch and I must confess I took my bad mood out on the delivery company. Cheeky sods. They’ve promised delivery for today.

This morning I woke up to a blue sky with the sun shining and a nice feeling in the air. Feel so grateful that my misery has passed. As I said to John this morning, “I’m GOING to have bad cerebral palsy days and yesterday was just one of them”.

Life goes like that hey?


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