Alice’s adventures in Wonderland…


My child is cerebral palsy.It tests your character, it tests your finances, it tests your marriage, but MY GOODNESS that child brings us joy that I can NEVER be able to describe to anyone. I’m talking tears in your eyes kind of joy. A strength and closeness in your marriage that only shared pain and shared intense happiness can bring.

It TOTALLY brings you down to size on what matters in this world and whats important and FORCES you to appreciate the tiniest little thing. You see things with more clarity and intensity than your friends.

I thank God everyday for my beautiful little girl and my gorgeous little boy. After all perfection comes in many forms.

At the same token, I will never judge a mother that chooses to abort. That is HER decision. It personally goes against my religious beliefs. But that s me.

P.S If Alice had been too frightened to open the door when she fell down the rabbit hole, she would have missed out on Wonderland. And what an adventure she had!


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