The grand entrance….


We went to my niece’s confirmation today. My kids are okay in church. Put them in front of Disney Junior or C-Beebies and NO-ONE moves or blinks for an hour or so. But church is another matter.

We had to leave home at 7-30am to reach the church by 9am. They live an hour and a half away. We listened to the Springboks vs Australia on Radio 2000 along the way. It was a pretty tense and close match.  So when we got there, the game ended, South Africa lost, the temperature was hitting about 31 degrees celsius. I was getting pretty flustered and hot. Molly also decided at that moment to pull an insecurity hissy fit. This entailed me pulling and half dragging her across the road whilst she clutched at me with both arms, facing me and breathing heavily. She does this when she feels insecure.

So there I was boiling hot, pissed off and disappointed that the Springboks had lost and dragging Moll’s into the church. She pulled so tightly at my shirt that three buttons had come undone and my VERY voluptuous, stretch marked stomach was unveiled for all the world to see. Plus my panties had inched themselves into a very uncomfortable wedgie that I couldn’t correct as my hands were pulling and dragging Moll’s up the aisle. So undignified, I tell you!

A real grand entrance.



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