Vile Violence…


Was chatting to my newish friend C last night about honesty when blogging. I’m honest all the time however I don’t always give my full passionate opinion. That’s going to change. In future I’ll show all my opinions in one fell swoop.(Said…with a grin)

Something playing on my mind, is an incident that happened in Johannesburg last week. These two old dears (in their seventies) drove to Joburg in their brand new Mercedes Benz for their grandsons birthday party. That night while sitting on the verandah having sundowners, 3 black men walked in and held them hostage. They beat up the women and kids quite badly and threatened to rape the little boy if someone played up and wouldn’t listen to them. Fortunately nothing like that happened, but imagine the emotional roller coaster ride the parents and grandparents went on. Now, that is so warped and malicious! What screwed up, sad excuse of a human being, thinks of such things? It makes it worse because the elderly couple farm down the road from us. I know them so well and something like this will destroy their soul a little.

John says that incidents like this are happening more and more often and crime in this country is slowly killing our spirit. We love South Africa but it’s times like these that I fear for my children’s safety and future. Crime is killing our country. The violent cruelness is jarring.


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  1. I think the world has gone mad, there has been so many horrific acts of violence lately, every time I look at news 24 I jst get more and more distressed by what’s going on out there, That we have lost all self respect is the only conclsion I can make, when you see how little respect we have when dealing with others.

  2. it worries me so much. I wonder what we as individuals can do to curbe this? I blame newspapers and TV to. Violence has become so normal and SO accepted we hardly flinch anymore.

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