Fabulous Friends………


Lets share….

Today someone asked me my age. When I told her 38 she appeared shocked. Why I asked? I thought you were closer to 32!

KA-CHINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! Thanks for coming……………………….I now pronounce you my bestest friend ever. How divine was my morning?

Still didn’t lose weight today. Been the same for 4 months. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m fat but I look 6 years younger than I really am! 6 YEARS I tell you…….

Now, I have 4 Josh Groban tickets. It means this: finding three friends to go with.

Travel 3 hours there, spend the evening and travel back the next day for 3 hours. It sounds simple but it’s not. I have a vast array of friends. All different. For some the thought of spending the evening listening to Josh Groban leaves them cold. Ice cold.

Others  would kill to be invited on this trip and see him. Unfortunately you would have to kill me first to spend 24 hours on a trot with them. Love them. Don’t want to spend so much time with them. (So sue me?)

You know what it’s like with friends. Some are handy to chat to once a week and go and have a quick cup of coffee with. Others are intense and dismal, but they’re your mate so you put up with it. Others can’t be arsed with certain things. It goes on and on. Farming community. Shoved together and forced to get on.

So that’s this weeks dilemma. I love dilemma’s. I worry if I don’t have anything to worry about. I revel in it all.

will keep you posted on the “awesome foursome Trip”.


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