Santa’s shoebox and other musings…


Today my kids and I bought two boxes of goodies for the Santa’s Shoebox Project. Molly bought for a 6-7 year old girl and Aidan bought for 4-5 year old boy. I have to get the kids to decorate and wrap the shoe box. Molls will need lots of help from me. Social awareness is what I’m trying to get into Aidan’s head. He needs to understand that some kids don’t have anything and that clothes are even awesome to get.

My little chap is going through a stage where he resents receiving any kind of clothing item as a gift. It’s so wrong and CRACKS me!  I really have one wish for my children, and that is that they grow up hungry. Not hungry in the physical sense but hungry in the yearning sense. Hunger for ambition and challenges. Hunger for new horizons and knowledge.

It’s tough getting the balance right with children. You don’t want to break them and you don’t want to spoil them. It REALLY is the most difficult job or responsibility on Earth.

My friend Kim was telling me yesterday, at the famous boomgate stop, that anti-depressant usage has gone up by 400% and that we should all go back to basics. Basics like walking barefoot in the wet grass. Walking outside. Just stopping and smelling the roses. This is easier said than done. Why are we so hell-bent on chasing our tails. Why do we take it all so seriously?


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