happier Tuesday…….


So today I woke up happier. Mondays, after a busy weekend are hell. I’m usually tired and vexed at the busy week ahead.

We had a lovely weekend at the Wild Coast hotel with our friends. They are busy upgrading and unfortunately we got one of the old rooms. Clean, fresh towels, clean linen but NO hot water. I had to bathe the kids in the rooms next door. So annoying and something so basic. That’s one of the pleasures of being at the coast. Lying in a hot bath, slightly sunburnt, reading and listening to the sounds of the sea.  Any-the-who…..we still had a great weekend.

The kids played and played and played. No TV. No sweets. They were allowed one creme soda per day. It was all about being outside, swimming, running and making up games among the ten of them. Ages ranging from 18 months to 8 years old. They are all so sweet to each other.

I have a sick little girl at the moment. Temperatures and very few symptoms. The odd cough and a slight runny nose. She still managers to smile and revel in ALL the attention. Molls LOVES attention, she thrives on it.

Busy week ahead. The silly season has started already. I think it started on the 1st October.

Later bitches………..


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