Full frontal beavers, quivering thighs and other stories…


I have an awesome friend. Nothing phases her. (except maybe her husband working too much and family interference). She’s not scared of laughing at herself and of keeping us enthralled with her stories. In fact the more glasses of wine you have the funnier they are and the more she tries to top the last funny story.

Saturday night she told us about her trip to iShaka, Durban. She hadn’t had time to wax her beaver. After being dared by her brother-in-law she decided to do some “plunging slippery sliding ride”. Except it was the high one. The very highest ride in the park. So off she went and down, down, down and hit the water with force. She said when she stood up she had a wedgy in the front and the back. Full frontal “beave” for all the world to see. All told to us in a dry, deadpan tone. It makes the story funnier.

And also the time she and a friend went to a U2 concert in London. Her boyfriend and his friend had flown over for a holiday. My  friend was suffering from a grand dose of the Heathrow Injection. (rapid weight gain upon entering the United Kingdom, due to excessive drinking and late night ‘shish kebabs). Anyway….at the concert she decided to climb on her boyfriends shoulders to party up there. Boyfriend hunches down and she climbs on, boyfriend battles to get into standing position (embarrassing and thigh strength in question now.) Eventually after standing and weaving unsteadily  the boyfriend collapsed on his knees in a heap. So funny…

I love to laugh.., to laugh at…, to be laughed at…not so much. It’s friends like these that make my day. And stories like these that keep me giggling when I drive. I have a warped sense of humour. But I love laughing.. so bring it on.



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