A bee in my bonnet…


I’ve had a serious bee in my bonnet the last week or so, a bug that’s flown up my backside…so too speak.

When I’m depressed it consumes me, the drama Queen that I am. I throw myself on the ground thrashing and beating my hands against the floor. But this time I was in a bad way. Not bad…throw myself off a bridge bad, but just enough to make me cry and feel symptoms of light headedness and a thumping heart.

 Two Saturdays ago I was chatting to one of the moms, Susan, whose kids also go to Molly’s school. Moll’s is cerebral Palsy if you didn’t know and her  playschool is 50kms away in another town.

I hardly know anyone and have only met three moms in the ten months of her being there. So this mom, Susan, was telling me who her friends were, after I’d asked her. She mentioned the one group as the “Birthday party” group. That’s when it hit me. Like a ton of bricks. That’s when the pity-party officialy started.

 It hit me that Moll’s hasn’t been asked to one birthday party from any child in the school the whole year. Molly is one of two disabled kids. She’s been to lots of party’s this year. But local ones. But it made me so miserable to think that no-one wants to invite my darling little girl. The nanny that goes to school with her, assures me that Molly has lots of friends and they all rally around her. But why doesn’t anyone ask her to a party? The little ignorant fuckers!

Let’s make one point very clear right now. Molly doesn’t give a hoot. You see, she loves school. Adores it. She doesn’t know any better about the parties. But I know, and it burns my ass! I’m always incredulous when people disregard Molly. I see her as someone remarkable, full of character and totally ALL THAT and more!

So, let’s hold  thumbs for 2012 that when I open her school bag, I’ll find nestled amongst spilled Oros, dry curling up sandwich crusts, soggy tomato, an awesome thick envelope with an invitation for my precious petal to join one of the ‘ignorant little fuckers’ at their party. Huh, they should be so bloody lucky!


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  1. Isn’t it amazing how scared people are of what they don’t know and understand, behaving as though she’s contagious, when in fact the only contagious things about are her smile and giggle, probably. Ignornant arses they are!

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