Queen of Small Talk……


A friend once told me I was the Queen of Small Talk. I could walk into a room and work the crowd like no-one else she knew. But now these days…it exhausts me. I find it so tedious to listen to other people if they don’t reciprocate the interest in me.  But I’m fundamentally interested in people. I ADORE their stories. I can listen to an engaging person for hours. Boring people I have a limit of 15 minutes. (and that’s with the last ten minutes surreptitiously looking at my watch). You know if someone isn’t interested in you. That pee’s me off. I’ll deflect any questions I don’t want to answer and then secretly give the person a Noddy badge for being interested in someone other than themselves.

I love talking about myself. But I prefer listening to someone different  viewpoint. What does John say: “Keep quiet, you might learn something!”.


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