I totally get this Movember cancer awareness lark. I do. I don’t like it. My husband looks like a total bonehead with his moustache and longish side burns. When he kisses me I try not to flinch. It’s just that last week when he ate his boerie roll, half the tomato and onion relish landed up on his moustache. So it’s this image that I carry with me.

So sex this month is with minimal kissing. We kiss but it’s not with the same fervour.

I read something on Facebook yesterday. Someone mentioned Fanuary in retaliation to Movember. Very funny.

So I’m not shaving or waxing my beaver in January to raise awareness for…….Female Genital Mutilation.

 According to the WHO, it is practised in 28 countries in western, eastern, and north-eastern Africa, in parts of Asia and the Middle East, and within some immigrant communities in Europe, North America, and Australasia. The WHO estimates that 100–140 million women and girls around the world have experienced the procedure, including 92 million in Africa. For more info go to

Just something to think about next time you orgasm.


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