Hectic week…


This week is another week from hell, work wise. I appreciate the work, I do. I would love not having the extra work in our social life too.

This is my schedule:


  •              Work in morning
  •              Afternoon book club at 3pm-5-ish


  • work in morning
  • afternoon -organise and host tea for Farmers Association
  • evening- go to Round Table supper


  • Work in morning


  • work in morning
  • afternoon -travel 55 kms away to take kids to tennis


  • off (but still have deadlines with framing, so will probably frame)
  • evening- friends 40th in Hogsback (60 kms away)


  • drop Aidan off at sleepover
  • fundraiser ladies lunch
  • afternoon- stork party 50kms away
  • evening- fundraiser Golf Day dinner with hubby


  • church and then church farewell tea for friends
  • lunch time 4oth about 35kms away

hectic hey?


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