Bathing costume…………beached whales and walruses?


Do you wear a bathing costume in public?

I don’t. Unless I know the people well. I have thighs the size of ….Texas. Thunder thighs that wobble most unbecomingly around my knees. I have cellulite on my legs that would rival a Bubble Wrap company. My stretch marks begin at the top of my twins and end below my knees.

I swim a lot at home. And I’ve been known to behave like  beached whale slash walrus in the rock pools/ gulleys up the beach if no-one is lurking. Water is so exhilarating and calming and healing.

I’m voluptuous, very voluptuous…but I don’t let it stop me from doing things.


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  1. One word : BOARD SHORT.

    I don’t appear without it. It’s an illusion I know, but it makes me feel thin(ner).

    (ps. I’ve given your blog an award. Please come fetch so you can add it to your sidebar. If you want that is…:)

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