It must be Christmas………..


This morning I went shopping in one of the big dorpies nearby. It wasn’t East london but it still has a Woolworths, Mr Price Home, nice decor shops etc. I did a bit more Christmas shopping. Am making headway  with the buying of all the gifts.  I HATE leaving things to the last-minute. I spend way to much money and buy rubbish.

A lot of my nieces and nephews are teenagers, late teens. It’s difficult to buy for that age. Some of them are into books and others are into farming/outdoorsy things. The girls are easier to buy for but the two teen boys! NIGHTMARE! I refuse to give money on principle. So impersonal.

 I hope I don’t become one of those Aunts whose gifts they mock. You know the one….the one that wrapped a can of deodorant or gave you a tie dye shirt? So, because of this I overcompensate. I buy lovely little things to be the cool Aunt(even though I’m in my thirsties, I mean thirties!)

I’m busy organising a Christmas dinner for the over 65’s in our town. About 200 people have been invited but only about 100 will come. It’s a sit down 4 course dinner, crackers,  live  entertainment, prizes, gift hampers, drinks on the house and general AWESOME christmas spirit. The old folk love it and it’s hosted by the Round Table. It’s the best project we do and this is my second time convening it.

I really can’t wait to put up the Christmas Tree. I normally make a huge deal about choosing the tree as a family. We play Christmas music, drive in the veldt, choose the tree, drag it the bakkie and then we decorate it. It’s all very thrilling for a 6 and 5-year-old. I normally buy three advent calendars. One for each child and then the third is to replace the one that I snuck out and ate in the middle of the night! I have a problem with chocolate I know….

So here’s to me and you…and Christmas…… and the insanity that prevails at this time of the year….


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