The Spur and other family stuff………


I woke up in a great mood. Focused. Ready to work. Keep things in perspective.

The reason: we went away for the weekend. Saw different sites. Smelled different smells. Tasted different food. We took the kids to the Spur. Before we had kids John and I would never have been caught dead in the Spur. Now, these days, it’s quite the cool spot to hang out with kids. If Molly throws pumpkin on the floor, it’s fine. If Molly bends and folds the hard cardboard laminated kiddie menu, it’s fine. The kids lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve the Spur. John can eat his steak, and so he’s happy too.

 Aidan told me this morning that he wishes our house was in the Spur. I think not, love. My 3oo thread count white percale linen would smell of Spur’s basting sauce and deep-fried calamari. All smoky and stuff. Ummmm no thanks.

But it does my heart good to get away and get perspective. Especially to spend time as a family. (Never mind the delicious shoes I bought myself and my new Christmas present from John….a Yamaha, desktop Audio System docking station thingy-ma-jig) Divinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne…………….


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  1. fortnately mine is still small enough that we haven’t had to do the spur…yet… I know it’ll come…Glad you had a lekka weekend!

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