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Germs and other lurkers……


Don’t you just hate taking kids to Doctors waiting rooms. The germs literally hang from the ceiling. All dense and ready to spring on your children.

Yesterday Aidan had earache and I had the pleasureof taking him to the Doctor. I met a friend there comforting her sick child. Turns out  the child has mumps. Mumps is a terrible sickness for anyone to have. It’s uncomfortable and accompanied by high temps and the like. So there we sit with Aidan getting bored and resting his forehead on the chairs and rubbing his lips on the cushion. I was horrified. I caught him just as he was about to lick, and I presume taste,  the reception desk. You know the desk where all sick people lean, cough on, rub their sweaty sick palms on.

Horrific……. I gave him a hard look. But not enough to raise eyebrows at this fishwife giving  her sick child what for!

Fortunately we were in and out and I doused him in dettol and tea tree when we got home.


Things I want to do more of….


Things I want to do more of:

anytime soon or in the foreseeable future

  • go around the farm with John more. To take a flask of coffee, sandwiches and a book and spend the morning with him.
  • read more inspiring books. or let me re-phrase that… to want to read more inspiring books.
  • travel around Africa a bit more. It speaks to my soul.
  • just step out of my zone and appreciate things around me
  • to find more time for photography and painting
  • to go to the theatre at least twice a year
  • to eat simply

that’s all……


Molly’s Christmas joy


Been thinking about this a lot today. Do you know how difficult it is to buy presents for Molly? 99.5% of toys she can’t play with. AND all the toys she should be playing with scream at you and tug and pull at your vulnerability when you walk past their shelves. It’s like a test or task that highlights all your failures and all the things she can’t do instead of CAN do. In a nutshell it’s horrible.

But to put this all into perspective, Molls doesn’t care. She doesn’t mind what she gets for Christmas. All she wants is to be around us, to be around all the activity, sounds and noises. This year I’m doing it differently. We’ll all open our presents and when everything is calm, I’m going to sit quietly with her and open them slowly, so she actually sees them. When there’s a lot of noise all she sees, are the people and not specific things.

And I’m going to do what I really want to do….and that’s buy her a little mini hi-fi for CD’s and an MP3. Molly loves music. And for me, the obvious choice is to give her what she really wants and not what she should be  wanting. 

It’s simple really….


Too much temptation…………


Sho-u-u(as in shuuuu, Xhosa word for Phewww), Time sure does seem to be galloping buy. Just had my nails and feet done, so sitting here like a bit of a prima donna. Hands all scrunched up and trying not to bump them to spoil the french tips.

Kids at swimming. So peaceful. Time to catch my breath. We’ve (a friend and I) have enrolled the kids on a two week crash course of swimming lessons. For the two older kids it’s stroke correction and the two younger to teach them to swim. It’s gruelling for us because it’s a whole morning spent to-ing and fro-ing  over-excited kids. But what a joy to watch them having fun.

Literally 4 days to go until the holiday. Oh my giddy Aunt.

Question: Why do we feel the need to eat so much on Christmas day? You must see my mom’s menu. Don’t get me wrong I’ll be the first to stand up to dish up a plate of food. But all that food….? For me it’s like putting an alchoholic in a bathtub of vodka and expecting him/her not to drink. Too much temptation…

So holidays begin…and  fighting temptation begins also.

I need sleep…….


Completely done and dusted with gifts now. Only have to buy for my four ladies that work in my house and garden.

Fun evening last night. Arrived home at half past two. (in the morning) absolutely shattered and a touch grumpy and short-tempered today. Poor kids. Snapped at them one too many times. John even told me to stop being a bitch. So I did. Right then and there. I stopped being a bitch. I do listen to reason.

Short blog post today as my bed is calling.

Later buggers…………

Christmas gift ideas….a years “pusscription”….


Why is it that I find the crudest things funny? I don’t like that about myself.

Yesterday a friend was talking about buying a gift for her fiance. She mention a prescription to a magazine. I said no it’s a subscription. Then cheesy me decided to take the mickey and be all witty and change prescription to “pusscription”. A great gift and valid for a year!

Funny…but not my proudest moment!

Less pressure on me…


jana tog, I’m so annoyed in the framing room at the moment. I have a spec to do that’s due today and it’s quiet a finicky job. It’s 15 medals on velvet in a box frame without mount board. Velvet slips and is thick so if you are a mm out, you’re screwed. It’s one of those pain in the ass jobs, that gives you grey hairs during the process and ends with GREAT job satisfaction. The customer is the sweetest lady EVER and so I want to do it really well. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUck it………………….

I have so much to do today and still have to slot in a ladies lunch that no-one really wants to go to. Fake festive cheer and seeing the same faces agaaaaaaaaaaain. It will be the third or fourth time this week. It’s an annual Christmas ladies lunch that everyone drags their feet to go to and everyone enjoys in the end! Isn’t that always the case?

But this time of the year is really dodgy. Next year I have to make some important decisions to expand my business. The potential is there. It’s the lack of  skilled people in a rural area that’s the problem. And, yes, I can train someone. But ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what a pain in the ass. Anyway, I’ll cross that bridge next year.

My heavy commitments are winding down and I feel a huge weight off my shoulders. Still have stacks to do before we leave but feel less pressurised. Nice feeling I tell ya!