A deer in the headlights…


Basically, I’m run off my feet at the moment. I feel absolutely shattered. And happy. I’m ticking tasks off the list as I go. Still have plenty to do and I’m still frazzled.

Tomorrow we’re off to Josh Groban. I’ve left John and the kids. He has three parties to go to. Phewww, so pleased I’ve escaped having to go those functions.

Then Monday it’s the city for a GREAT big shop. I’m convening the Golden Age and have to buy ingredients for 120 people. So much to still do for that. Then after that, three more functions next week. Then the following week will be tackled closer to the time.

Some fucker has decided that the coastal schools have to go back a week earlier than normal. This is putting me out big time. We arrive back from holiday and then three days later school starts. That means I have to buy stationery and uniforms next week. Thank goodness my Christmas shopping is done.

My little chap had his prizegiving today. They put on a Nativity Play and the kids recited poems and gave orals. It was so sweet and my heart filled with pride, absolute love and happiness. Such a happy moment for me as a mom.

We put up the Christmas Tree today after going into the veld to find and chop down a tree. Awesome looking tree.

later buggers………… 



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