Less pressure on me…


jana tog, I’m so annoyed in the framing room at the moment. I have a spec to do that’s due today and it’s quiet a finicky job. It’s 15 medals on velvet in a box frame without mount board. Velvet slips and is thick so if you are a mm out, you’re screwed. It’s one of those pain in the ass jobs, that gives you grey hairs during the process and ends with GREAT job satisfaction. The customer is the sweetest lady EVER and so I want to do it really well. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUck it………………….

I have so much to do today and still have to slot in a ladies lunch that no-one really wants to go to. Fake festive cheer and seeing the same faces agaaaaaaaaaaain. It will be the third or fourth time this week. It’s an annual Christmas ladies lunch that everyone drags their feet to go to and everyone enjoys in the end! Isn’t that always the case?

But this time of the year is really dodgy. Next year I have to make some important decisions to expand my business. The potential is there. It’s the lack of  skilled people in a rural area that’s the problem. And, yes, I can train someone. But ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what a pain in the ass. Anyway, I’ll cross that bridge next year.

My heavy commitments are winding down and I feel a huge weight off my shoulders. Still have stacks to do before we leave but feel less pressurised. Nice feeling I tell ya!


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