Molly’s Christmas joy


Been thinking about this a lot today. Do you know how difficult it is to buy presents for Molly? 99.5% of toys she can’t play with. AND all the toys she should be playing with scream at you and tug and pull at your vulnerability when you walk past their shelves. It’s like a test or task that highlights all your failures and all the things she can’t do instead of CAN do. In a nutshell it’s horrible.

But to put this all into perspective, Molls doesn’t care. She doesn’t mind what she gets for Christmas. All she wants is to be around us, to be around all the activity, sounds and noises. This year I’m doing it differently. We’ll all open our presents and when everything is calm, I’m going to sit quietly with her and open them slowly, so she actually sees them. When there’s a lot of noise all she sees, are the people and not specific things.

And I’m going to do what I really want to do….and that’s buy her a little mini hi-fi for CD’s and an MP3. Molly loves music. And for me, the obvious choice is to give her what she really wants and not what she should be  wanting. 

It’s simple really….



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