Too much temptation…………


Sho-u-u(as in shuuuu, Xhosa word for Phewww), Time sure does seem to be galloping buy. Just had my nails and feet done, so sitting here like a bit of a prima donna. Hands all scrunched up and trying not to bump them to spoil the french tips.

Kids at swimming. So peaceful. Time to catch my breath. We’ve (a friend and I) have enrolled the kids on a two week crash course of swimming lessons. For the two older kids it’s stroke correction and the two younger to teach them to swim. It’s gruelling for us because it’s a whole morning spent to-ing and fro-ing  over-excited kids. But what a joy to watch them having fun.

Literally 4 days to go until the holiday. Oh my giddy Aunt.

Question: Why do we feel the need to eat so much on Christmas day? You must see my mom’s menu. Don’t get me wrong I’ll be the first to stand up to dish up a plate of food. But all that food….? For me it’s like putting an alchoholic in a bathtub of vodka and expecting him/her not to drink. Too much temptation…

So holidays begin…and  fighting temptation begins also.


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