Germs and other lurkers……


Don’t you just hate taking kids to Doctors waiting rooms. The germs literally hang from the ceiling. All dense and ready to spring on your children.

Yesterday Aidan had earache and I had the pleasureof taking him to the Doctor. I met a friend there comforting her sick child. Turns out  the child has mumps. Mumps is a terrible sickness for anyone to have. It’s uncomfortable and accompanied by high temps and the like. So there we sit with Aidan getting bored and resting his forehead on the chairs and rubbing his lips on the cushion. I was horrified. I caught him just as he was about to lick, and I presume taste,  the reception desk. You know the desk where all sick people lean, cough on, rub their sweaty sick palms on.

Horrific……. I gave him a hard look. But not enough to raise eyebrows at this fishwife giving  her sick child what for!

Fortunately we were in and out and I doused him in dettol and tea tree when we got home.


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