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Fit in or !@$# off….


Don’t you just hate it when you make the effort to phone someone and they answer you in monosyllables? Or you ask someone how they are and how there family is? They answer at length but don’t bother to ask about you or your family. I find it so rude.

In fact I’ll go as far as too say as I find it exhausting and I refuse to make the effort with that person again on principle. If you don’t want to know about me or my family, then wer’e not friends. It’s simple. As simple as all that!

There’s so much that goes on in my everyday life and I find it difficult, and to be honest, a tad tedious to choose one topic for discussion for this blog. You see, I DO NOT want to paint this picture of perfection or a lah lah lah life of most people. Life is a constant battle for me to be balanced. Everything in moderation and all that. And I battle with things everyday, overeating being one of them.

2012 is a fit in or fuck off year for me. No more time wasting on those that frankly don’t deserve to have me as friend. I’ve scratched through two names already with a thick black pen. 

toodle doo, see you on the playground of life!


My fitness Pal……


Just discovered a new website for health and fitness called

It’s awesome and so helpful.

Will start excersising much more when we get back. I have so much to look forward to.

Harping on about boarding school again……….


Aidan adapting slowly to school. Cried the other night coz he misses grade R very much and Grade 1 is a lot of work and they don’t play as much. (get used to it, I wanted to say..but didn’t)

Bit unnerved at not sending him to the same school as the others. Even though it was the same last year but am SO not ready for boarding school yet. So panicking a bit at the change, and have I made the right decision?

The other will be exposed to all boys, cricket and more independence. Aidan will be exposed to me, smaller classes and  better academic exposure. I want to get the best grounding academically for the foundation phase. He will be doing tennis and swimming. Still one wonders? You see I have the confidence to make this decision because I went to a farm school too. We had a ball and it gave me a good grounding for school later when I went to boarding school.

I know I keep harping on about this and beating the same drum…but this to shall pass. (you gotta love a well-known over-used cliché).

It is frikkin hot today and it’s only 8-30am. I have a framing appointment at 9-30 and then when that’s over I’m hitting the pool lounger, seriously……’s the only place to be on a day like this.

Finished Charlie and the Chocolate factory last night. We are busy reading the book to Aidan. I couldn’t wait to read it again and so I finished it in the bath late last night. Only trouble is, I’ve got to still finish reading the book to him when I’ve just read it……….urghhhhhhhhh boring.

later buggers……..

odds and sods….


So, my little chap started Grade 1 today. He was awake at 5am. Nice one Aidan…thanks for that!

Excited as he was, I felt weary at the thought of another year, another cycle, more juggling, more growing up and less time before he goes to boarding school.  Two of his friends are starting boarding school tomorrow. The moms are  fine as they have been priming their kids for months. 

Mundaine tasks set for today, like filing and opeing mail and just general office work. Blah to filing! 

On a positive note at least it will be done…….

Variety and choice…….


Am just loving this year so far. 2012 is going to be good one! We have so much to look forward too. A trip to Cape Town next week for a wedding, sight seeing and just new horizons.

After that more 40ths, weddings, an agricultural expo and a formal dinner before the end of February.

Also….John and I are on the serious prowl for an awesome ski boat that seats about 8 people. We want caviar with beer money so to speak, like everybody else I think… Anyway after much chatting, discussion, talking and debating we have decided on a make and  a price/budget and we are on the move. We look forward to taking our family out on healthy outdoor activities. Molls will have to get used to it all and fit in with all the action. So divine. Can already picture myself sipping a Savannah in the sun on the Kowie.

Sorted my clothing cupboard out last week. I was ruthless, I tossed out anything that hadn’t been worn in the last year and ANYTHING that made me feel fat or gahhhhh. I colour co-ordinated and now have matching hangers and an organised cupboard. Even my handbags have a spot and placed neatly. I feel quiet Zhoozsh for having done that!

Project EMPLOY SOMEBODY SOON is underway and will be happening shortly.

My mantra or mission statement this year, if you will, is not to do anything that I can pay someone else to do. I’m going to be outsourcing and sub-contracting BIG TIME!! To free me up to spend more time with my hubby and kids. Spend more time on myself and health and excersise.

Well, we all start off with the best intentions.I have to lose weight ‘coz you see, I love clothes and there’s not much variety for a size 22. I’ll be happy with a size 16. More variety and more choice.

Who doesn’t love variety and choice?

cold computer screen….


I’m one of those bloggers that blog when I’m a bit miz to be frank. When I’m happy and preoccupied you won’t catch me near a computer.

I never switched my computer on once during my holidays. So healthy, to stop, look up and take part in the life around you. So easy to get caught up in the time wasting past time that is the Internet. And lets be brutal here….the people aren’t real or tangible like someone in real life is. I don’t get many commentors on my blog, initially it frustrated me no end, but then I realised it doesn’t matter. I do this for myself. Coz, I like writing. and this blog helps me practise.

I had tea with a friend this morning. Lovely. Engaging in light post-holiday banter. Seeing her eyes and expression on her face as she proudly showed me her new home. The internet doesn’t give you that.


Dune walking at 3-30am…..


Apologies for the delay in a written post, but am still sluggish and brain-dead from holiday fever. Had the best holiday ever. Switched phones off and no Internet for 2 and a half weeks. Awesome. Feel refreshed, tanned and a coupla kilo’s heavier.

Had the best New Years in about 20 years. Laughed my ass off and drank red wine with friends. Felt like a young teen again. Hubby and I went for a walk on the beach, tight as ticks, at 3.30am and lay like walruses on the dunes and watched the stars and listened to the sea. Brilliant start to 2012. Food for my soul.

so, later buggers….