cold computer screen….


I’m one of those bloggers that blog when I’m a bit miz to be frank. When I’m happy and preoccupied you won’t catch me near a computer.

I never switched my computer on once during my holidays. So healthy, to stop, look up and take part in the life around you. So easy to get caught up in the time wasting past time that is the Internet. And lets be brutal here….the people aren’t real or tangible like someone in real life is. I don’t get many commentors on my blog, initially it frustrated me no end, but then I realised it doesn’t matter. I do this for myself. Coz, I like writing. and this blog helps me practise.

I had tea with a friend this morning. Lovely. Engaging in light post-holiday banter. Seeing her eyes and expression on her face as she proudly showed me her new home. The internet doesn’t give you that.



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  1. And that is the very reason to blog, to process the rough times, celebrate the good times, just for yourself. I also used to crave comments, still do, but they are less important now. I’ve jst been looking back over my blog, can’t believe how much has happened in 2 short years, its really nice to have a record.

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