Harping on about boarding school again……….


Aidan adapting slowly to school. Cried the other night coz he misses grade R very much and Grade 1 is a lot of work and they don’t play as much. (get used to it, I wanted to say..but didn’t)

Bit unnerved at not sending him to the same school as the others. Even though it was the same last year but am SO not ready for boarding school yet. So panicking a bit at the change, and have I made the right decision?

The other will be exposed to all boys, cricket and more independence. Aidan will be exposed to me, smaller classes and  better academic exposure. I want to get the best grounding academically for the foundation phase. He will be doing tennis and swimming. Still one wonders? You see I have the confidence to make this decision because I went to a farm school too. We had a ball and it gave me a good grounding for school later when I went to boarding school.

I know I keep harping on about this and beating the same drum…but this to shall pass. (you gotta love a well-known over-used cliché).

It is frikkin hot today and it’s only 8-30am. I have a framing appointment at 9-30 and then when that’s over I’m hitting the pool lounger, seriously……..it’s the only place to be on a day like this.

Finished Charlie and the Chocolate factory last night. We are busy reading the book to Aidan. I couldn’t wait to read it again and so I finished it in the bath late last night. Only trouble is, I’ve got to still finish reading the book to him when I’ve just read it……….urghhhhhhhhh boring.

later buggers……..


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