Goodbye t-shirting……..


Well, after much kicking and screaming and resistance, I’m back framing.

 I’m already framing bedonderd, and enjoying it. I think that I had a bit of framing burnout towards the end of last year.

The kids are settled at their respective schools and I’m taking things easy. No dashing about like last year. In fact I’m in control. The older I get, the better I know myself.

For example, something tiny, yet most relevant, is last weeks discovery. I knew it all along, I guess, but I couldn’t pin-point it. I have finally admitted to looking REALLY terrible in any kind of t-shirt material. It clings and has me plucking, re-arranging for the full 12 hours I probably wear the item of clothing. So I tossed out any t-shirt looking/ feeling item and have VOWED not to buy it again. You may wonder why this warrents a mention? Well, you must have a penis then, I would assume, if you’re even questioning my MOST relevant discovery. A woman wouldn’t. They’d know in their core of their being. I’ve saved myself hours of standing in front of a full wardrobe wandering what to wear coz nothing fits. And saved myself hours of self-loathing as I walk around self-consciously wandering why I never stuck to that 1st diet in standard 6?

T-shirting is most unforgiving as it drapes itself lovingly around ones curves. Buxom girls(like me) become even more buxom. Unforgiving is probably a diluted, kinder term. Ruthless is more appropriate. Well goodbye t-shirting….and hello cottons, linens, viscose….



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