A trip to the hair salon….


Today was H-Day (hair-day). So off I trotted in the pouring rain. Fortunately, I found the most hideous looking umbrella lurking in the boot. So I snapped the umbrella open, bright floral colours almost stopping the traffic, and dashed inside the salon.

And there I sat….for hours and hours…. literally. I have fine hair and it doesn’t look like much, but I have lots and lots of fine hair. It takes time to do the foils and blowdry it.

 Today I was there for about 3 and a half hours. Plenty of time to read magazine after magazine after magazine. No kids pestering me, no maids asking me about this or about that, no John asking me if I’ve done the chores from 3 weeks ago, no phone ringing.

 Quite frankly I had time to think….and absorb the content that I was reading. I was VERY impressed with this months Elle magazine. Very well written and intelligent articles. I never came across one article on How to blow your husband from ten different angles, or How to lovingly caress the G-Spot while standing on your head. None of that. What a pleasure to read something I could sink my teeth into and actually learn something from what I was reading.

The guilt of spending so much money at the hair salon always lingers longer than the joy I feel at the vision of pure sophistication and beauty I see in the mirror. It filters around my conscience and squeezes and squeezes. Post buyers remorse and all that. But it has to be said that I blame the hair dresser 100%. It’s all her fault. We all know the drill, money is never discussed in the salon. EVER! You never know how much things cost until you pay. I think you need a treatment….um okay. I’m putting two colours in today…um okay.

No argument…just the handing over of the credit card. preferably the husbands. It’s easy to ask for forgiveness than permission and all that….plus there’s always the…How to blow your husband from ten different angles if the shit really hits the fan!


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  1. I could never do 3hrs – I would die! I could also never colour my hair – I will feel like Samson when Delilah cut his hair!
    But your post reminds me how I need to get to the salon – My baby is 5months and the last time I went he had 2weeks till birth day.

  2. After all my hair started falling out last year I’ve decided to embrace whatever grey comes my way. 😉 You always feel like a million bucks after a salon visit though…and I suppose one of these days that’s what it will cost to go there. 😆

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