Major Undercover operations and other stories…


Today I’m in a childish mood. Silly almost. Definately taking the piss out of everything. It’s because I’m on the ball and have caught up with my work. And so I’m on a high.

Yesterday I had no nanny for Molly and I coped. The house was spotless when the staff walked in this morning. I caught Thembisa raising her eyebrows in shock and her quiet, subtle gasp of surprise. She covered it up quickly though. Aidan is having a little lesson in Project Boot Camp with “Tidy up your own Room!”. He is winging it and I can’t fault him.

Yesterday was relaxed with a quiet braai at home. I slept in the afternoon for a while which is a rarity. Molly is in the process of losing her 3rd tooth on the bottom. She won”t eat or drink. Shame, poor little monkey.

And so I begin the treadmill today. Oh Frikkkk, is all I can say about it. I hate starting excersise. Once I’m into it, it’s fine. But oh to start! Well, I guess that makes me normal then?

I enjoyed writing about our characters in our community on Friday.  Might do that again. Strictly as an undercover operation of course. In fact as a major undercover operation!


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