Belgium or bathroom? and other stories….


Tomorrow we have an Agricultural show that we are all working at. We’re making pizza’s and serving in the bar. (The Round Table). There are 80kgs of cheese to decant and I’m decanting 40kg’s into 160g packets. I’ve only done 10kg’s. It takes about 3/4’s of an hour to do 10kg’s with two people measuring and filling packets. Bloody tiresome.

John’s terribly excited as he’s riding his Hanomag, vintage tractor in the vintage car parade. He’s been coiffing and bouffing his red tractor up for weeks. I’ve been teasing him bedonderd. (I tried to find another word for bedonderd but they all sounded poncy and too fluffy…)

My cousin used to work on the ships and ended her contract coz she fell pregnant. 36 years old and preggers from a Mexican barman she met and was with for 3 months. She assures us he’s a nice chap.  The baby is due in 53 days and she has asked me to be her birth partner. I’m so honoured and so excited. I had c-section births and I’ve dreamed of witnessing a natural birth. I just want to see a baby’s head crowning. It’s something on my bucket list, to witness a natural birth. And what an honour to be the first person to see little Valentina enter this world. I can’t wait to see her. The father is very keen on meeting his baby. Both mom and baby will fly to Mexico later this year. Modern Family and all that….

There’s a chance that John and I may fly to Belgium and Swtzerland in a few months time. We’ve won a trip. We’ve said we’ll let them know by Monday if we can make the conference date. John is excited and so am I.









Bit hacked off coz I could be using the money to redo my bathroom which is straight out a porn movie. My bathroom is a movie set out of one of Dirk Diggler’s 70’s blue movies.  It’s like a tourist attraction on this farm. Not unlike the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Or the Statue of Liberty in New York. Or the Taj Mahal in India. Or closer to home, Table Mountain to Cape Town. Guests walk in my home and ask me if this is the house with the fancy ’70’s bathroom?  I mean a toilet on a stage? Mock beige matching marble bath, basin AND toilet?

Check out the photo above. What do you think? Belgium or new bathroom revamp? Please note the obligatory ’70’s shaggy cream carpet…




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  1. Hhahaha…Belgium for sure! There will be other times to redo your bathroom! It’s is very 70’s but it’s functional and not too much of an eyesore! You can be lucky it’s not in Avocado green!

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