Moonshine and roses……


Ten things that irritate me about living on a farm:

  1.  Being forced to mix with people I wouldn’t normally have to in  a million years.
  2. Every function revolves around food
  3. I have to constantly stifle my financial individuality and independence
  4.  I can’t go to the gym
  5. Everyone sticking their nose’s in, as to where my kids must go to school
  6. Nowhere for my daughter to go to school in 2 years time because she’s cerebral palsy
  7. Never any fresh rocket, basil or coriander to buy if I don’t have any in my garden.
  8. I have to use iceberg lettuce
  9. You have to plan in advance when buying kids gifts for birthday parties as there is NOTHING decent locally
  10. Smiling and making small talk after the first hour

The moonshine, fairy dust and roses of last week have taken leave of me!

Goal for tomorrow- Better mood


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