A Valentines story to blow your hair back……


There’s a certain friend of mine from London that loves telling a certain story when she’s a bit “tight” and when she nips over for a visit.

 “Tight” is a term we often use in these parts when describing a feeling one feels when one is slightly pickled. For example: ‘I’m feeling a bit tight” roughly translates to; “I’ve had too many Savannaha’s and I’m feeling tipsy.” Although “tight” is more inebriated than “tipsy”. It’s hardly proper for a farmer’s wife to say; “I’m feeling pissed.” or worse, “I’m drunk as a skunk!”. Not done and most inappropriate.

So back to the story at hand. The story begins with her telling us how she swallowed for ten years. How her husband never said a word. Then one day her mad friend revealed the truth whilst comparing um… stories. She dropped the bombshell and said:” But you don’t have to swallow”. Friend in question blew her top and confronted her husband, who hung his head in shame and embarrassment that he’d never told her and that he was caught out.

This story is a huge hit. We never get tired of hearing it. It’s ESPECIALLY funny when hearing it “tight”.

Happy Valentines Day……..


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