Should I have another child?


okee dokes.

I want another child but I’m terrified I have another disabled child. (because of the financial and social fatigue of it all)

Here is a poll:

Should I have another child making it a total of three kids, Aidan, Molly and number 3?


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  1. I am going to skip the poll thing.

    For me – deciding to have a child is a very personal thing. It is like a chord that is struck with you, when you want to have a(nother) child, and cannot be unstruck.

    You do it even when the “public opinion” is against it, and people agree or disagree – it does not matter what people think it is what is ringing inside you.

    Again – that is my opinion.

    You do it because you have decided that it is more important to go through all the stress and strain that is having a child is worth it for the outcome.

    It is something you want inspite of the insanity it will (must) bring.

    Sense, logic, and polls unfortunately have nothing to do with it.

    Logic tells you that sleep is good, that having parents who are regaining sanity is good, mornings that have a sense of calm because you appear to have found some balance is good – a new baby is totally counter-intuitive to sanity.

    Good luck — I have enjoyed my three, and Isabelle has added so much to my life I (almost) can not imagine her not being there. xxx

    • I know a poll is odd but I’m searching, searching, searching for an answer. I feel so restless and that my family is incomplete with my two. I will be going against so many people if I have another. Quite a sensitive topic this one and my heart says YES! But you know how Logic sits lurking in the wings and creates doubt in your mind.

  2. You know, I do really want 4 boys and a girl. I only have 2 right now. I won’t answer your poll because this is up to you to decide. I can imagine the struggle in your head regarding all the facts. I am a firm believer in following your heart AND head. But they all need to be followed independently at some point. For if we do not follow our heart we may miss out on our dreams and if we do not follow our heads we may put ourselves in unnecessary circumstances.

    It is up to you which one you want to follow – or both. Does your husband feel the same way about you? Does he also want a 3rd? If yes – then go for it! F*ck what everyone else around you thinks – this is about you, your husband and your little family! You do with the facts what you need/want to do.

    You understand the possibilities and who better equipped to make that decision than you and your hubby.

  3. My husband and I love kids. His eyes light up at any mention of a third. Anyway, I think I’m going to give it a bash. I have enough love for all of them. We might eat bread and water at some stages of our lives, but we’ll have love in abundance.

  4. Let me ask you this: imagine you did not have a 3rd child and there’s was no possibility of ever having one. How does that feel? Would you be relieved or would you be indignant?

    ( ps. and you know my opinion on “what the people might say”)

  5. I’m in the yes group, You know my struggles, and I guess that’ll always put me in the yes grop, but if there is a sense of something unfinished, then go for it, one lives with regret for things undone, and unfinished, seldom what is done. Sitting on the stoep one day…

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