The Sex Toys Drawer…..


Aidan has chosen our Sex Toys drawer to put his art supplies in. All we have in our Sex Toys drawer is a tube of KY Jelly. But that’s not the point, there are probably about 30 different drawers in this house and he has chosen that particular one.

It doesn’t matter that there’s only a tube of KY jelly in the drawer. It’s just that he’s invaded our turf. These kids, whom I love and adore, have filtered in and invaded every part of our lives. There are not many days I can mention when I don’t step on a piece of lego, which anyone will tell you is excruciating. Molly strews her horses everywhere. Aidan constructs makeshift tents and houses on every possible surface and corner.

All I want is my own private Sex Toys Drawer without any little tosser sticking their paw into! A drawer that is only for John and I and a lonely tube of KY jelly. Is that too much to fracking ask?


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  1. When I started reading this post about the “Sex Toys Drawer” I thought “woohooo!!! now here we go….and got ready for some real juicy stuff.

    And then the lonely KY jelly got to me and now I can’t stop giggling…

    Thanks for the smile on my face. Needed it today!

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