Smile and wave………..


I’m trying really hard to be someone that uplifts others. Everyday I try. Really hard. I bite my tongue very often. If I retaliate, you must know, that you have pissed me off once too often.

It’s so easy to knock someone down to size or put them in their place or give them the correct answer, when you know they’re lying or speaking utter bollocks. So for the moment I nod and agree but inside I’m thinking: ” what an utter doos.” or “what an utter prat” or “you lying cow, that’s not what you said to me last month!”. I’ve decided that I’ll work on this mind control of negative thoughts later. For the moment, I have to deal with the everyday bulldust that people spew constantly from their mouths.

When you lie…do you think people actually believe you? Seriously? Come on now….No-one does. We all nod and agree, but inside we’re thinking:’What a tosser!”

But for the most part, people tell the truth. sometimes too much. For example when sharing with a dear friend that I was thinking of having a third, she replied” Yes, even though you have more chance of having a child with abnormalities, you must still do it.”

Really? You have the balls to say something like that to my face? Really?

Who would be so stupid. It’s just that sometimes people are a little insecure and want to be seen as knowledgeable, so they sprout-forth “pearlers” of wisdom! When in fact, the real truth, I retorted is that, since we’ve had Molly genetically tested we have less chance than most people.

It’s too late now…coz they’ve sown the little seed of doubt in my mind. It’s schmokkling with my brain now.

Oi, people make me tired jong. I’m weary from them all. Some people are not unlike the ‘Death Eaters’ in Harry Potter novels. Or the “Omoebe’s” in Bridget Jones’ novel. Sucking the life out of me.

I think I must go back to my lady in the city and have another brush up 1 hour chat session, to refresh me on my coping mechanisms.

To remind me to smile and wave….


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  1. I do an awful lot of smiling and waving… it’s hard, but must be done, because if you take to heart everything that gets said, you will expire… Try to let it go, hang with like minded people, and see where the road takes you…

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