The Purple Guava


If you’re a bashful sort of chap or person then perhaps you shouldn’t continue reading.

I’m suffering from the worst persistent case of “Bottle Brush Syndrome” known to woman at the moment. Like a persistent itch, itch, itch, itch. I’ve tried everything.

In fact I’m so desperate I might take a bottle of Gention Violet and splash and paint it on my nether regions. I think a Purple Guava will  spice things up….

fok it…itch…. itch…. itch…..


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  1. Have you tried probiotics? Like the Reuteri chew tablets or Probiflora?

    And, you may struggle to find it – but GYNA GUARD! They have many different products for different things – I think you must find the right one for you (they have for itch and discomfort). I use their lube (because I’m breastfeeding so everything is dry). It’s the best invention yet and it was created for the WOMAN! No itching, no pain, no dryness, no pounding, no burning – just Fab!

  2. I use Probiflora for a mild itch but for the really bad ones it has to be gynopevaril . This was first prescribed by my obs when I was pregnant. Expensive but it works. Doc seemed to think it was better than Canstan 1VC.

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